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We packed as much of our ten-plus years of publishing experience into the Self-Publishing Made Easy multi-disk set as possible. We cut away the fluff to divulge tons of trade secrets, tips to save you thousands of dollars and ideas to make your book a bestseller. This eight-hour series includes
  • Establish Your Publishing Company: The ten best practices to launch your business
  • Judging a Book by Its Cover and Content: POWERful writing, editing and cover design
  • Pricing Your Book: The two key components needed to price your book to make money
  • Copyright 101: When, why and how to file an official copyright
  • The Basics of Book Marketing: Bestseller  = Sweat Equity + Persistence + POWERful Tips
So now you’re wondering how much. The suggested retail price is $497; however, we told our people to get rid of all the fancy packaging to make this already awesome deal even sweeter. As a result, the investment reduced to $397! And then we told our people that we wanted to sell the series directly. So we cut out the middle man and got the online investment down to $297! That’s right! Over eight hours of step-by-step instructions by subject matter experts for a mere investment of $297! You’ll spend that registering for a publishing conference (not to mention meals, hotel and travel).
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Whether you’re new to publishing or you’ve been at this business for a while, we know that you’ll learn something from the Self-Publishing Made Easy series. We’re so confident in the content that we’re offering a money-back guarantee. If you don’t learn something new, then we’ll refund your money. Who does that? Pen of the Writer!
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Get the Self-Publishing Made Easy DVD set plus we’re throwing in the CD set for your drive-time listening. Plus, you’ll get complementary bonus CDs with industry experts candidly sharing how they navigated through this serpentine business. And for a limited time, you’ll get thirty-minutes with bestselling author and award-winning publisher, Valerie J. Lewis Coleman! This expert has saved clients from across the world tens of thousands of dollars in far less time than one-half hour.
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