Passionate Pens LogoForty students from Trotwood Madison Senior High School are now published authors which is a great boost to self-esteem and college and scholarship applications! A Kingdom Waiting: Loss, Triumph and the Young Spirit Trotwood-Madison High School Passionate Pens A Kingdom Waiting: Loss, Triumph and the Young SpiritAbandon doubt. Commemorate character. Honor self.

“There is nothing like youth. The middle-aged are mortgaged to life. The old are in life’s lumber room. But youth is the lord of life. Youth has a kingdom waiting for it.”
~ Oscar Wilde
In A Kingdom Waiting: Loss, Triumph and the Young Spirit, you’ll explore life from a high-school student’s perspective including
  • Coping with grief
  • Forgiving betrayal
  • Moving past heart break
  • Transforming depression
  • Overcoming low self-esteem
  • Shedding fear
  • Realizing possibilities and
  • Achieving potential
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Program Objective

To promote literacy, launch writing careers and generate revenue by

  • Exposing students to the book-publishing industry
  • Compiling and publishing writings by the students
  • Providing each contributor with a copy of the anthology
  • Establishing credibility as published authors
  • Debuting the anthology at the Dayton Book Expo
  • Offering this program FREE to participating students
  • Generating revenue for the sponsoring institution
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Program Structure

~ Passionate Pens will learn about the art, business and marketing of writing from Valerie J Lewis Coleman which includes

  • Determining the anthology theme
  • Discussion of submission guidelines
  • Reviewing anthology and media agreements
  • Developing the cover concept
  • Manuscript reviews

~ Passionate Pens may attend local writing conferences including Write On! Workshops (March), as scholarships are available.

~ Passionate Pens will complete a novella to be edited, compiled, prepped and printed.

~ Passionate Pens will debut their work at the Dayton Book Expo. The book release celebration will be open to the public.

~ As Passionate Pens graduate from high school, they may receive scholarships awarded by Pen of the Writer and community sponsors. These awards will be paid directly to the college or trade school.

The following students were published in Tainted Mirror An Anthology

published by Pen of the Writer…

Jessica Allen

Words from Jessica

Don’t allow satan to hold you captive. God is the only One who can deliver you from whatever you’re facing. Just trust and believe that He’ll do a miraculous work. You never know what God has in store for you, so continue to persevere and
keep hope alive!

Jessica Allen is an aspiring doctor and author. She strives to keep God first in her life and desires to use writing as a means to touch the lives of youth and adults across the nation.

Jessica is a senior at Thurgood Marshall High School (formerly Colonel White) and plans to pursue a career in pediatrics. She volunteers at Project Impact, plays piano and dances for Vision Mime Team. Jessica is an active member of the Total Youth Gang (TYG) at Revival Center Ministries, International.

False Identity

False Identity by Jessica Allen

by Jessica D. Allen

ISBN-13: 978-0-9786066-2-6
Available soon!

Jasmine Jones despises the rising of the sun. It reminds her that she’s still alive and
has to face another day. Her mother’s abandonment plunged her into premature
womanhood and saturated her heart with bitterness. At fifteen years old, she turned her back on God and conformed to the world’s standards. Will she make her way back to her first love or stay on the path of self-destruction?

Jose O. Gutierrez

Jose O. Gutierrez, who prefers to be called Omar, is an aspiring doctor.  He
contributes to the community through Volunteers of America and his church, Santa Clara Apostolic Temple.

A native of Mexico, Omar and his four siblings have endured many hardships. Not willing to let life consume him, Omar pulls from the negative experiences to fulfill his passion to write and draw. In addition to participation in the Passionate Pens program, Omar studies advanced drawing and painting to sharpen his creative skills.

Omar is a senior at Thurgood Marshall High School (formerly Colonel White) and he is also enrolled in Sinclair Community College.

Christopher Lyttle

Christopher Lyttle uses both spoken and written word to convey his passion for self expression and revelation of God. His fervor for creative writing began in elementary school, however in 2002, his writing escalated to a higher level of excellence. Christopher has written hundreds of poems and short stories and hopes that God will continually bless the ink of his mind to flow freely.

Christopher is a senior at Thurgood Marshall High School (formerly Colonel White) and attends Zion Hill Missionary Baptist Church in Dayton, Ohio.