Let Val Equip Your Group with Industry Knowledge

Valerie has helped thousands of aspiring authors navigate the challenges of self-publishing. With almost twenty years of experience in the book business, this expert divulges industry secrets on avoiding the top five mistakes made by new authors, pricing your book to sell and identifying dishonest publishers.

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“One of the best sessions that I attended [at the 2010 Essence of Motown Literary Conference] was by Valerie J. Lewis Coleman who is an author, editor and publisher. Valerie’s session — Self-Publishing Made Easy! — was fast paced and delved into many of the aspects of self publishing from setting up an LLC and obtaining a vendor’s license to how to get a copyright and how much to spend on printing. Valerie was funny, informative and a “trial by fire” expert in the area of self-publishing. She is also pretty darn good with branding since everything from her books to her business cards leads back to her website PenOfTheWritER.com.”   -Jackie Harper of FreeIsMyLife.com

“Cincinnati loves Valerie.”  -Jeri Tolliver, program director of Radio-One Cincinnati and coordinator of the Radio-One Book Fair

“I listened to your [Self-Publishing Made Easy] CDs. Thanks to your inspiration and motivation, I got up early this morning and wrote the outline for my tell-all autobiography.”  -Leslie Gaines, retired Cincinnati judge

“The publishing formula a bestselling book = sweat equity + persistence + my POWERful tips.” -Valerie J. Lewis Coleman

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Her most requested topics are noted below:

  • Self-Publishing Made Easy! The Business of Writing: With polished manuscript in hand, what’s next? Self-publish? Vanity press? Print-On-Demand? Valerie provides clear and concise instructions on how to establish your publishing company. Get the inside scoop on the four must-have components of a quality cover. Master self-publishing to make money!
  • Self-Publishing Made Easy! Priced to Sell: How much is too much? Valerie reduces the complicated language of pricing-model theories to two simple factors. Determine the essential components to effective book pricing and price your books to sell!
  • Self-Publishing Made Easy! Judging a Book By Its Cover and Content: Despite the cliché, readers do judge a book by its cover as well as the content. Avoid the top eleven writing mistakes made by most new writers. Learn what keeps an avid reader from choosing your book. Understand the components of a quality book cover. Follow Val’s easy steps to make your book a national treasure.
  • Self-Publishing Made Easy! Copyright 101: What’s the best way to protect your manuscript? Is a “poor man’s” copyright legitimate? Valerie delves into the when, where, why and how to file a copyright.
  • Self-Publishing Made Easy! The Format of Writing: Ready, Set, Print!: Present your self-published book with pride. Valerie explains the need for front and back matter. You’ll learn how to format headers, margins, table of contents and more using Microsoft Word.
  • Self-Publishing Made Easy! Grassroots Marketing: How do you get your book off the shelf and into the hands of your readers? Valerie presents tips to promote your book without going broke. Gain insight about channels of distribution and how to work networking. Learn the formula for becoming a bestselling author.
  • Self-Publishing Made Easy! The Making of an Anthology: Collaborating submissions from multiple writers requires strategic planning and organization. Valerie exposes her secrets to guide you to structure, manage and promote a successful anthology.