Passionate PensIs your organization looking to raise funds for renovations, youth scholarships or pastoral anniversary?

Then the Passionate Pens program is for you!Our publishing expert will guide your members through the art, business and marketing of writing including

  • Defining the theme of the anthology
  • Creating submission guidelines
  • Reviewing the submission agreement
  • Developing the cover concept
  • Working one-on-one with a representative of the organization to manage the project

Program Objective

To raise funds and launch writing careers by

  • Exposing members to the book-publishing industry
  • Compiling and publishing writings by the members
  • Providing each contributor with a copy of the anthology
  • Establishing credibility as published authors
  • Debuting the anthology at an organization-sponsored event
  • Generating revenue for the sponsoring institution by
    • selling books
    • implementing an inclusion fee
    • providing advertisement opportunities for businesses and sponsors
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Journal of InspirationLet us design and publish a journal for your church or organization

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