If a gentle nudge is all you need to finish your book, then Publisher-on-Call is for you. Weekly sessions with our lead publisher allow you to obtain insider information at a fraction of the investment of mentoring. And the first fifteen minutes are free!

You’ll have weekly access to our in-house expert. That’s up to four hours of one-on-one contact (phone or Skype) and unlimited email access to ask anything you want to know about writing, publishing and marketing your book. Secure your coveted session today.

Publisher on Call

Need more quality time with our expert?

Publishing Mentoring is for you.


Rate My Publisher

Although our imprint, Queen V Publishing, is a world-renowned publishing company, we realize that our services are not the best fit for everyone. To help you choose a reputable publisher, let Pen of the Writer conduct an in-depth analysis. You provide us with the name of the publishing company you’re considering. We’ll research the company, get answers to the tough questions and arm you with the pros and cons to make an informed decision.

Give us a week and we’ll scrutinize the company of your choice to equip you with the tools to avoid a shady publisher, monitor a mediocre publisher or contract with an expert publisher. Your investment will save you tons of money, oodles of frustration and plenty of time. Launch your analysis today!


Print My Book!

Since inception, Pen of the Writer has collaborated with more than 250 printers worldwide. We decoded the confusing and complex technical language of book printers to save clients thousands of dollars. Let us confirm your printing needs, shop your book project and then provide you with the top quotes.

Printing is the most expensive part of book production. If you spend too much to print your books, you have two options: 1) pass the expense on to your customers hoping they don’t cringe at the steep price or 2) decrease your profit margin praying to at least break even. Pen of the Writer doesn’t like either of those options.

Our experience has proven that price spreads on book printing can exceed $3,000. In other words, Printer A may charge $1,000 for a project, while Printer B charges $4,000 for the same project. Why the difference in pricing? A myriad of factors determine print cost including timing, printer specifications and not knowing your options.

Within ten business days, we’ll give you the top two quotes and a summary of all the quotes received so you can see if we saved you hundreds or thousands of dollars. From there, you’re off to the printer! Request your print quote today!