Renae Pollard - The Wait of Success Contributor

HIS inspiration (HISpiration) is a term coined by author, speaker and entrepreneur, Rosalind Renae Pollard, to describe the passion and desire of her commitment to live as an offering to God. Renae started her ministry for women over thirty years ago. She shares the love of Christ—and all the rewards of a personal relationship with Him—through her experiences, inspirational writings and personalized gifts.

As a contributor in the Women of Color Devotional Bible, she takes every opportunity to leave an indelible mark on the hearts of everyone she encounters. Renae’s equipping ministry, I’m Protecting a Cherished Treasure (I.M.P.A.C.T.), empowers young ladies to value their hearts, minds and bodies while encouraging them to practice abstinence.

After thirty years of service to the United States Federal Government, Renae retires in the fall of 2017. She will graduate with a bachelor’s degree in business a few months later. Renae and her husband, Charles, a retired Air Force Veteran, will partner in full-time ministry, along with their daughters, Cierra and Chaunice.

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